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AKA INDO4444 in Roblox.

Hi, I'm Indo4444, One of Users that I'm from PHL. Joined since 2016. And an Ex-Senate of PHL. Also, I'm the Former IRF Cadet Tier II and AFP OR-0.

Updated since i got 10 Robux

History of Me (IFL and Roblox & Wikia)[edit | edit source]

Note: IFL Means "In Fictional Life".

IFL History[edit | edit source]

I Was born in Malaysia on 1997 on Malacca. One of my Mothers that He was saw Carabaos. My Mother Migrated me to Philippines and Russia. On Russia, I'm an Soldier of Multiple of Days. I Trained but Dismissed. And i quit 2 times because of Bad Reasons and I Can't Join the Enlisted Army. Then i Back to Philippines. CoolPlayerYoutuber was my Friend after i leave Russia. I Met my Friends, Campoutatcity, BJCAGAMPAN02, Bayani, Monteloyola, TammyDuckworth and Heredy. For Now, I'm Run for Senate on September Elections.

Roblox & Wikia History[edit | edit source]

When i Found Roblox Wikia, I Start to read and Make an Account for roblox wikia. suddently, it was blocked for 1 month for Vandalism. I Joined Roblox Airline Industry Wiki. But Blocked again for War Pages Reason. So, I Make Alts and Make Chris Quit on his wiki. So, I Stopped it. When i was inactive so long, BossOfAllGreats Found me on Roblox Wikia. They Bully me. After, My Brother tried to end the wiki with NBI Pranks. Then my Idea is to Friend him to Stop Him from Bullying.

Today, I Got 10 robux for First Time. Wasted it on my New Face to Prevent Bullying. me, i was so happy to stay here on wikis.