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Me[edit | edit source]

Hello I joined rather late compared to you guys Late 2016 on my old account as "dylanooooooooooooooo" yes I know XD my present account I made mid 2017!

Why I used to suck late 2016-early 2017[edit | edit source]

1. I was very gullible

2. I was spamming In chat That's not how you say that if a person said u, pls, or thx

Early 2017 through early 2018[edit | edit source]

1. I thought I was all cool and hip.

2. I was salty when people wanted to date me.

3. I was a bit of a gangster however VERY mildly.

Redeeming Qualities[edit | edit source]

Despite Still hating ODers I am way less salty

I am not a mild gangster anymore.