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One of my avatars.

Hello, I am Nihiri, or just call me Nih or Nihi for short! You can also call me Asriel if 'Nihiri' is hard to pronounce. I am one of the bureaucrats and content moderators of ARGW.

I joined Roblox in December 21st, 2011 as 'PikachuGirl221,' although I had a few accounts back in November with the name 'Victoria,' however I forgot all of the passwords and the numbers within those usernames. My brother introduced me to the game while I was a Fantage player back then. I remember when I first visited the site I was interested because of its "nostalgically ridiculous" trailer. My first games were also Welcome to Roblox Building and Crossroads.

My 'golden age' is 2013 to 2014, where I made lots of friends (WonderfulRustic, isobela3, YveltalAndXerneas099, SucretteMeloe, etc.) in a game I used to play called 'Sandbox [UNCOPYLOCKED]' by a now-inactive user known as 'Ithatguylawl.' I suddenly got that account hacked a few times throughout the summer of 2015, most likely because I went to a scam site two years prior. (Apparently 8/9-year-old me didn't know that these sites are scams.)

Back in June, I have made a new account under the name 'PG221ISNOWBACK' when the original account was first hacked. The name is supposed to mean that my old account is back on an alt. However, a few people have called me 'Snow' because of my username having the word "SNOW" when it was supposed to mean "PikachuGirl221 is now back." That is why I first changed my name to 'iiNxhiriAkihabara,' but I thought that was too "ODer-like."

In November 2015, one of the groups I've went to changed my Robloxian history forever, and that is Eerie Designs. Unlike other Fashion Games, these people were pretty much kind; no abusive admins or arrogant/toxic kids, although I was one of the arrogant/toxic kids back in the day. A few people I've saw were toxic, but were either inactive or kicked.

I am still active on that alt as 'n1hiri.' You can follow my alt if you want. Not only that, but you can also find me on MapleStory (North America), where I play on Scania.

  • I was actually the first moderator in the FANDOM version of this wiki! Back in Crappy Games Wiki, I requested this wiki to be made ever since Roblox games clogged up the former.
  • My alt now counts as my main user, since I've been using it more than my original account.
  • I nowadays play some obbies, Epic Minigames, Voidkin Asylum, and Super Bomb Survival.
  • I am what people call a "fashion freak."
  • The alt only got hacked once unlike the main, not because I am smart enough to notice that scam sites are extremely bad and steal your account. But, for another stupid reason. A former friend of mine tried to get me Builder's Club (although I use iTunes and/or Google Play when I get the membership), but stole my account for a day by dressing me up as an "ODer." After I got my account back, she claimed that "somebody stole her account." Also, one day, an old friend told me he wanted to give me Robux by asking for my password. Thankfully I've unfriended him.
  • Speaking of ODers, I was one on my older account back in early/mid 2012. I've began to lose interest later on.
    • I began "dating again" back in late 2016, but I figured out the guy I "dated with" was an actual pedophile. (I can assume he was in his late teens while I was 12-13 at the time we met.) He impacted my reputation within Electro-Atom Entertainment (a Roblox group that makes zombie games) and the Noob Vs. Zombies Realish communities since he was anti-EAE.
  • I love role-playing A LOT.
    • For instance, me and one of my longest-remaining friends used to roleplay in a sandbox game he copied from Ithatguylawl and made updates on, including adding neon blocks. Sometimes a third friend would join us. Back in 2013, I also had an extremely free-modeled game where we would roleplay in.
    • I also made a roleplay along with two friends within Sandbox [UNCOPYLOCKED] called "Sandbox High," or as of summer 2016, "Crossover High," in which we would imagine many crossover characters (mainly from Pokemon, Digimon, and MapleStory since Iso and Mal (how we call Yveltal) are fans of Pokemon and Digimon) in high school. I have role-played as a Mary Sue character who had a YouTube channel with over millions of subscribers.
    • Back in summer 2017, me and a duo of female friends I've known from Eerie Designs would go on Treelands and roleplay as a family, not in the ODer kind of way since we all aren't ODers. They would call me "Nooth Tooth" because of one of my Discord nicknames, being 'noothiri,' which was meant to be a Pingu joke.
    • I would play Darkened Dawn sometimes.
  • I used to be a forumer once back in December 2016 until the removal. I was an S&I'er (a forumer from Suggestions & Ideas), but after the forum merge, I have moved to RN&D (Roblox News & Discussion) before the forums officially shut down due to the place being an "unsafe environment." This is very excusable since I got a few warnings when I made certain posts.
  • Sometimes on Roblox Studio, I like to make original characters and vaporwave-themed places.
  • I got banned 2 times on the alt, and that was in early 2016.
  • Some of my older friends from PikachuGirl221 are still active, like the mentioned Serenevoxol, isobela3, etc.
  • I love completing obbies, however Shovelware Studios is my favorite obby creator group, not because of their over-the-top concepts, but they do not have much generic obby tropes (lava jumps, etc.) as other obbies I've went to.
  • I used to enjoy zombie games, mostly Noob Defense 4, Build to Survive the Undead Brigade, and The Zombie's Onslaught. Sadly Experimental Mode ruined BtStUB and TZO, but the latter recently came back in March 29, 2019. However, TZO did not feel the same anymore (the new Zombie Mode gave toxic players unfair advantages), so I rarely play the game.