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About This Wiki

From the worst Roblox places to terrible users and even terrible things that caused Roblox's downfall, and also mediocre. This wiki was made especially for Roblox players to warn them about everything that is bad or mediocre on this site. This wiki was created by Kannithemaster, in response to the fact that on Crappy Games Wiki were too many Roblox pages, and some of the Roblox games were really crappy.

The Perfect Roblox Games Wiki is the wiki's sister which tells users about great Roblox games.

If you want to become an admin/moderator, you must read this.

Basic Rules[edit | edit source]

  1. There are four major headings, unlike Crappy Games Wiki: Why It Sucks, Why It Didn't Get Popular, Why It Was Forgotten and Why It rigged. Why It sucks is for games which have a lot of bad qualities and nearly no redeeming qualities. Why It Didn't Get Popular is for places which don't have a lot of bad qualities, yet failed due to some other reasons. It can also have a fanbase. Why It Was Forgotten is for good places which were buried due to other reasons as well. There are other headings in the list below:
    • Bad Qualities and Good Qualities - Those two minor headings are used to describe mediocre games. 
    • You can make custom headings in the page, as long as your custom headings should be appropriate.
    • You can edit custom layout, instead of our headings, as long as you're willing to rewrite the page.
  2. Treat Angrybirdsfan2005 like a king
    • He can say KYS whenever he wants, so not tell him to stop using that term, or you will receive a warning, and later a ban.
    • Do not demote him, you will be reported if you do.
  3. Because of the fact that the wiki was made to show the bad qualities of a game targeted towards a younger audience, many of the pages will be protected within 3 months, until the wiki gets bigger to avoid vandalism.
  4. You are allowed to add and use info from the Roblox Wiki as long as you didn't achieve a great notoriety known as plagiarism.
  5. Besides the headers stated above, writing any game mechanics is completely optional.
  6. Do not unnecessary undoings on every pages or edit wars. Please assume good faiths in edits, or you'll get a warning.
  7. SJW References are prohibited in this Wikia to avoid closing this wiki, except a week ban.
  8. Do not create pages for games/updates/gears/etc that haven't been released. No exceptions to this rule.
  9. Rude behaviour towards other users will not be accepted. If you are rude towards another user, expect a warning or higher.
  10. Vandalism is not tolerated. Expect a 1-month, 2-month, 6-month ban or higher, if you do so.
  11. Do not create pages from games which aren't on Roblox, or it will result in deletion.
  12. Don't create offensive reference onto the page.
  13. Using excessive swear and slurs are prohibited.
  14. If you see any flaws of any good games, don't nitpick anything, and that doesn't mean these games were completely bad. Adding nitpicked article will result in deletion.
  15. If the place has more dislikes than likes, that doesn't really mean the place is completely bad. Check carefully before adding an article about it.
  16. Do not create pages for places, users, YouTubers etc. which aren't popular. Instead, you can create something generalized. For example, if a user is online dating, yet it is an ordinary one, do not create a page about them, instead, make a page which is about online daters in general.
  17. You are allowed to add a place of your own if it is not an asset flip and if it has an interesting idea. Using a few free models is fine, as long as you credit the people who made the models. Also, the place doesn't have to be popular. Joke places are also allowed.
  18. You can create anything about Roblox, may it be free models, users, YouTubers, places, terrible moments etc. As long the thing is bad, then it can stay on the wiki.
  19. Reasons for deleted comments are: Poor grammar, malicious propaganda, harassing others, insulting, uncensored swearing, if the comment makes no sense, flame wars, starting arguments and grammar Nazism.
  20. It's highly recommended to add a picture to a page you're making.
  21. Do not ask for admin; it just reduces the chance of getting it.
  22. You can use alt accounts as long as you didn't achieve a great notoriety (For example for being a vandal). You cannot use alts for:
    • Avoiding blocks or warns, or even any consequences, that can be considered ban evasion
    • Impersonating the actual name accounts, that can be considered sockpuppetry
    • Troll in any article comments can be considered sockpuppetry
  23. It's highly recommended you use proper grammar while creating a page. If you think a page has poor grammar, don't complain about it. Either fix them by yourself or ask an admin (if a page is protected or you don't know what's wrong).

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