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This is our enemy.

>The SIster's Order is an LGBTQ+ religion group

>Ironically, most religions shun LGBTQ+


The Sister's ODer[edit | edit source]

The Sister's ODer is a group based around feminism and matriarchy.

Why they suck:[edit | edit source]

  • Shit Fanbase
  • Tryhard version of The Sister's Covenant
  • SJWs
  • Hypocritical, Sexist, Racist, Heterophobes
  • Stolen Models
  • They worship Satan

Redeeming Qualities:[edit | edit source]

  • Our money is safe, no one will donate to them.
  • Forrk got banned from the Mickey Mouse Club for inappropriate behavior, though FORRK IS BAN EVADING. REEEEE!
  • No clothing items... YET.
  • Their reputation is tainted.