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This user is very memey.

Hey there, person reading my profile, im IllusionDice, but call me dice instead.

Things i do on this wiki[edit | edit source]

I usually can undo vandalism if i have time to, i mostly just sit around in this wiki doing nothing

Why i sucked when i started roblox[edit | edit source]

I joined roblox in 2017, and god......i was a bad user back then

1. I was a gary stu in most rps

2. I was very cringy.

3. I never respected opinions.

Roblox accounts and alt accounts[edit | edit source]

Exodrus227 (main account.)

ARedDudeFromHell (alt, completely forgotten)

ThatOneNoobDudeYet (account i use on void script builder)

Kurilian (new alt, result of trying to find a cool unique username.)

Current status on this wiki[edit | edit source]

Normal user.

Activity Meter[edit | edit source]

Activity type Description
Current Rating: Cool Boi

Epic Gamer Im pretty much active as heck, i can make alot of edits....i guess.
Cool Boi I am commonly on this rating, maybe because of me going to school, but hey, at least i still have time to be on the internet.
Chill Im kinda busy with school and homework, but i can still make edits.
Oof. I might not make edits, maybe because im very busy, my internet died, etc. But i must come back one day.
AFK. Im way more inactive, maybe my computer broke, internet got out for alot of time, but ill still come back!
Game Over Im retiring for a long time, small chances of coming back, maybe because of certain problems in my life, me getting very sick, but don't give up your hopes on me yet.
RAGNAROK I am retired from this wiki, maybe because of bad moments in here, i don't feel very ok in here....there will be a extremely small chance (0.3%) i come back, nor i retire myself if im not retired yet.
The End. im retired from all of fandom and will never ever come back, if i change to this rating, my final edit will be a goodbye message, chance of changing to this: (0.01%)

(Feel free to use this activity chart template.)

Friend Chart[edit | edit source]

You can ask me to be in this chart, there will be a likely chance your request will be accepted by me

Basic Ratings (800+) i really trust you, i will never ever be against you.

(400+) you are a cool friend, i trust you.

(100+) i kinda trust you and like you, you are cool

(30+) i don't know if i should trust you.

(1+ or -1) i don't seem to like you, you still need to gain my trust.

(-30) i pretty much dislike you.

(-100) i really dislike you, small chances i will get to trust or like you.

(-200 or less) i hate you, i simply hate you