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FentyDuh is a well known pedophile on ROBLOX who has made a sexual game named Good Girls Sorority.

Who is FentyDuh[edit | edit source]

A believed relative of notorious ASPRINCEXSTAR, Part of Uncanny Valley HQ, Account created to make Uncanny Valley look good and to lure more girls into doing it, When we look at this aliens profile we can see a previous name was DELCYBER, However it is believed she became FentyDuh to look more welcoming and lure in girls, We have seen various cases and multiple girls have come up to us informing us that FentyDuh is a pedophile and does ask for inappropriate missions, There is proof online, FentyDuh owns a group of ROBLOX named "daddys favorites" you will notice fenty evolves innocent young girls into becoming uncanny valley members and ranks them up, Check for yourself!

You may notice FentyDuh became popular when Uncanny Valley was dying, It is a known fact she was ordered to create a free-for-all game which would help recruit and lure new young girls into being part of this Uncanny Community, That why it is popular again.