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SCP 4931[edit | edit source]

Object Class: Safe[edit | edit source]

SCP 4931 is a boy who lives in [REDACTED],Georgia. He appears to be an ██ year-old Asian. Many of his neighborhood had flushed his life down the toilet (Metaphor) and was unhappy (whoever keeps changing it to happier needs to stop) about it. He was born in upstate New York on Sept 17,███7 (The info up there is a joke) and wants to go back. He made a lot of friends in New York, but when he moved to [DATA EXPUNGED],Arizona , he got more Paranoid and stays inside more.As of Ju██ ██, 201█ ,He got Telekinesis and can teleport.When he started using it on people, he was on the news and was taken to Site 19 and was gonna be D-44931 but then was an SCP. He made friends with personnel somehow though. He sometimes messes around the foundation especially when Dr. Bright when he breaks the rules. He also made friends with SCP's such as SCP-137 (Not 173) and SCP-173-J.He also uses SCP's to help himself such as SCP-914 and SCP 294.He also uses his telekinesis to break the door off of SCP-087 to save Personnel if they get trapped (The linked SCP's are my favorites). Someday,He will become SCP Personnel as Dr. Patrick with a Clearance level of level █. (It doesn't mean I'm gonna leave Fandom for wikidot but I do like the SCP Foundation.)

My SCP's[edit | edit source]

Now the SCP up there was my own SCP, now here are my own:

SCP-4119[edit | edit source]

Object Class: Mild[edit | edit source]

SCP 4119 is an Entity who of course, is the ghost of AAMillers. Since DataRaven caused her to die, Even SCP Staff got very upset because they like her fanart they made DataRaven become a Class D to get test on SCP 4119.SCP 4119 is also able to talk.

An Experiment test with Dr. Patrick and D-21812 (DataRaven)

Dr. Patrick: Please enter 4119's Chamber

D-21812: She is just AAMillers, Why her?

Dr. Patrick: Get in there or I will terminate you

D-21812: Fine whatever

*D-21812 slashes AAMillers with a knife*

D-21812: What is happening?!

Dr. Patrick: You Caused her to die so its your fault, you can't even do that

*AAMillers steals the knife and kills D-21812*

D-21812: WHY DID I HAVE TO DO THA-A-A-AT *Screams of Pain*