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Introduction[edit | edit source]

I am not an asshole. Unlike Memely

I am not a toxic Greenlegocats123 Hater/Fan

I am not a f@ggot.

I am not a n****r

I never rape kids.

I dont harass users. Unlike Memely

I hate vandalising.

I dont revert true edits, unlike Mossdottie.

I am not a racist homophone unlike Memely.

I dont support Stan Lee dying.

I am not a paedophile.

I don't think traps aren't gay.

I was threatening to rip and eat Mossdottie's and Memely's nipples, also this is not a death threat at all.

Oh and speaking of nipple twisting, you cannot die from this.

I just got that nipple twisting threat from an SML video.