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First of all, you are Memely who is ban evading. I was here to contact Kannithemaster about the situation. Second, you were causing flamewars. Third, if I was shoving it up your butt, then I would be sending you threats and harassment. You cannot handle criticism and you admitted to trolling in this wiki. Plus, for everyone comment that I used to make, you would bombard it with harassment and blindly attack it. I am not blindly attacking you, but do you believe in an eye for an eye? If you wish to and not harass, then I am fine with that, then all you need to do is stop harassing users and causing flame wars. Bomb gave you a good lecture about it and you agreed, but when I did the same thing, you blindly attached it. I don’t care if you like Meepcuty, but if you can’t handle criticism, then you are giving both Alex and the game an even more bad reputation.