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TheHealthyCow is a ROBLOX Youtuber who joined in 2012, but didnt make vidoes till 2015, As of 26 July 2019 she is rarely active while having a massive amount of subscribers, the amount is 703,793 subscribers. She is known for her types of roleplays, and while she is decent, she has major flaws .

Why She Sucks[edit | edit source]

  1. Almost all of her content is all about roleplaying, thats it!
  2. She barely edits her videos.
  3. Some of her videos have extremely annoying voices that are too loud
  4. Sometimes uses Text to Speech for her voices
  5. Her sad stories are not really sad, there more of just a origin story on how someone become who he is.
  6. Most sad stories often drag on for too long
  7. Misinformation, On her story on Guest 666, it claimed he was bullied in school, That is not true, Another example is in The Sad Guest Video, It claims that Guest can log off, Once again, not true.
  8. Most of her videos have ODers, which is againist the rules of ROBLOX.
  9. Generic and bland thumbnails
  10. Speaking of #3, She sometimes speaks too loud to the microphone
  11. Her music videos are very dull and boring.
  12. She even reuses some of her characters because........why not?
  13. Sometimes, she just changes the plot of her videos, e.g. Paradise With You was about a guy getting a girlfriend, then 2 months later, they both break up.
  14. She cant be bothered to make merchandise.

Redeeming Qualities[edit | edit source]

  1. She is a decent actor
  2. Some of her videos, while poorly done, are quite nice.
  3. When she was doing Minecraft, she was great.
  4. Her channel icon and art are okay
  5. Her editing is okay.

Reception[edit | edit source]

While most people like her, as mentioned above, she still is flawed with problems.